Abou me

  • 2009
    Brand Štýlové obrazy


    The entire brand started a gift for my friend. I gave him the painting and his idea was to create a company, that would not only paint paintings but create them first and foremost so that each customer chooses / creates an artwork that perfectly fits into his interior.

  • 2010
    First website

    The beginnings

    The artworks slowly spread among our friends and acquaintances. Gradually, the time has come for our first website.

  • 2011
    The first big campaign

    First achievements

    The first major campaign on the popular website Zľavadňa.sk when we were able to sell a large number of artworks. All the artworks I painted were custom made.

  • 2012
    Fan page na facebook.com

    Facebook - Štýlové obrazy

    We've also set up the fan page Štýlové obrazy, which is very successful and the number of fans is constantly growing, from the ever-increasing interest and popularity of social networks. Along with it, our website went through its first redesign.

  • 2015
    Year of great changes

    Vernissage and design cushions

    In year 2015, I left my daily job and decided to paint 100% of my time. I also had the first bigger opening, where I sold some artworks and got new orders. The creation of the first design cushions collection. I have fulfilled my dream of cushions with my own design.

  • 2016
    Bonami a others


    At the end of 2015, I signed a collaboration with the popular company Bonami, where I had several successful campaigns that continued throughout 2016.

  • 2017
    New markets

    Nové possibilities

    My artworks have crossed the border of Slovakia, and I have satisfied customers from Netherland, Switzerland, England, Estonia, Czech Republic and the United States. This year, a great deal of cooperation is waiting for me, and new products such as bedding or sporting collections will be added.


our biggest customers

Thanks to all our customers for trust, and I believe my artworks create warmth and love for your home.

Process of painting of artwork

Štýlové obrazy