Gold kitty


An artwork inspired by a beautiful Persian cat. The cat embraces self-sufficiency, the love of freedom and the seventh sense. The mother is a good teacher for life and a master of meditation. If you have it as a force of life, it invites you to go the path of your soul. The cat is an excellent leader of the souls, because she moves without any difficulty between the world. It gives the human being over whom he sees, the seventh sense and the ability of non-intelligent perception. As she accompanies us, she transmits us her excellent observational ability, her sharp, uncompromising reactivity, relaxation and self-confidence. He advises us to make a little pampering to accompany us to take care of ourselves and enjoy our independence. It teaches us a distance - not everything that goes "out there" has to do with us. There may be a number of other reasons why things evolve in the same way. Relax, wait and listen to your inside - it tells you whether to act or just watch. Thanks to the cat, we have sharpened instincts and we can better use them to avert dangerous dangers.

  • Author:
    Lucia Radošinská
  • Date of origin:
    Jún 2017
  • Material:
    high quality linen canvas stretched on double-sided wood frame, acrylic paints, gold leaves
  • Dimension: 100x70cm
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